‘Real Australians Say Welcome’, the art of Peter Drew

The ‘Real Australians Say Welcome’ posters first appeared on the streets early this year and quickly gathered momentum, spreading across capital cities all over Australia.


The message, encouraging Australians to welcome asylum seekers and embrace multiculturalism, is the work of Adelaide artist Peter Drew, who crowd funded his campaign to put up 1000 of these posters across the country.

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“I’m always looking to illustrate sincerely.” Alex Senna is an artist and illustrator from São Paulo. His style is distinct – lacking in colour but roaring with the full spectrum of emotions, his characters can soften the edges of even the toughest streets.

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The poetry of posters

Growing up in the mid-west, Morley’s exposure to ‘street art’ was limited to ‘you’re mom’s a slut’ jokes defiantly scrawled across school property during detentions. After moving to New York to study screenwriting and noticing Shepard Fairey’s “Andre the giant has a posse” stickers, Morley began screen printing his own slogans on stickers – little messages of hope which he stuck up around the city. When he relocated to Los Angeles he began printing these slogans on large posters, wheat-pasting his humorous insights and unique observations on life, offering the people of LA a respite from the corporate slogans and billboard advertisements covering the streets.



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Ghostpatrol is a Tasmanian born artist currently living in Melbourne, Australia.

Although his roots are in street art, his current practice focuses on installations, paintings and murals. While his work naturally evolved away from the street art scene, between 2003 and 2008 his characters were familiar to anyone acquainted with street art in and around the laneways of Melbourne, and his work still forms an important part of the history of Australian street art.


I caught up with Ghostpatrol as few weeks ago via email from Japan, where he was involved in an exhibition called ‘Yamanoie’.

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Of Stickers and Skulls

There are skulls, and there are Rx skulls.

RX Skull stickers in Oakland, Ca

Portland street artist Arrex, or Rx Skulls, is known best for his stickers. After five years in the street art scene, he has created hundreds of variations of his original skull design – in an Rx sticker pack you will find an insane variety of skulls: solid black, textured, collaborations with artists from around the globe, in a diverse assortment of colors and sizes. A self confessed ‘squeegee head’, his vinyl skulls are all screen printed and hand cut in the Rx laboratory – high quality, hand made jams that have appeared all over the world.

Arrex took a break from printing and cutting vinyl to answer a few questions…

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A few words with WRDSMTH


A stenciled typewriter, a wheat-pasted quote; something inspiring and uplifting to make you look, think, smile. This is the work of WRDSMTH a writer who while ‘doing time’ in Hollywood, took to the streets with an art project that has spread from LA to Philadelphia, London, Paris and New York.

His repetitive typewriter motif and inspirational messages are instantly recognizable, and his text-based works speak to the individuals who are so often lost in the mass of these burgeoning, crowded cities.
I chatted with WRDSMTH via email to find out what motivated him to begin this street art project.

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